Sight Care Plan


The importance of regular eye examinations cannot be over emphasised. Not only does the examination check your vision, it can also detect signs of underlying health problems, such as diabetes and high blood pressure. Good quality vision is important for everyone and no price is too high to pay for the health of your eyes.

We are dedicated to ensuring that you get the best possible care for your eyes and the widest options of products available. To help you get maximum choice and quality at the best possible price, we are now offering patients the chance to join our Sight Care Plan.


What is the benefit to me for joining the scheme?

Joining the payment scheme evenly spreads the cost of eye care into manageable monthly charges. You will also be entitled to additional discounts.

I only visit the practice every 2 years – is it worth my while joining?

If you join the scheme, you can come more frequently with no extra charge, for example, if any problems arise in the interim, or you have an accident.

I am entitled to an NHS exam every two years – is it worth joining?

By joining the scheme, you will also be entitled to discounts on products, plus your NHS fee will be offset against purchases.

Am I tied to the scheme for any amount of time?

We ask that you remain in the scheme for at least the first 12 months but following that, you can cancel at any time – simply advise us of your wish to be removed from the scheme.

Will the monthly amount change?

The monthly amount should stay the same. If for some reason the amount does change, we will advise you in writing 2 weeks prior to the date the charge is debited.

Do I have lots of forms to fill in?

No-the process is really very simple. A registration and authorisation form for us to collect the Direct Debit is all that is needed.


By joining, you will enjoy the following benefit

  • Evenly spreads the cost of eyecare across the year
  • Saves money, offering discounts on frames, lenses and accessories
  • Small monthly payment covers the cost of all eye examinations and entitles you to discounts
  • Easy payment method - the amount is taken directly from your bank by Direct Debit
  • If you are entitled to an NHS eye examination, simply offset the cost against a pair of spectacles